Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dieting and detoxing

It's time I did something about my weight. It's not gross by any means but I've put on a stone more than I think I can carry. I'd like to drop a size from 14 to 12 round the middle.

So, I've got to get back to my walks. I am walking but sadly at work through musty court corridors and hard rain sodden pavements, and not in my lovely woods. The weather combined with dark mornings and dark evenings prevent me from walking, and even if they didn't I don't have the time at the moment.

I've bought a diet book which appeals to me as it's about eating meat and cream and butter often combined, nuts, vegetables and cheese. All these things I love with a passion.

I have to give up alcohol for two weeks which I won't enjoy and I might slip occasionally in that direction. I have to drink lots of water, and decaf tea (the decaf tea is OK though).

So tomorrow I start the regime although I tried a recipe tonight, strips of chicken from a breast piece, fried in butter and oil and parsley (it should have been tarragon but I couldn't buy it and don't like it much). Cream poured in after the chicken is browned and then some lemon juice and black pepper. Served up with steamed cauliflower blended with butter and cream (in a blender of course). I put a handful of mixed green leaves with it and it was wonderful! I did have a glass of white wine with it, but then the diet doesn't start properly till tomorrow. I can start the day with egg and bacon and mushroom, but no bread/toast.

And lots of water.

I am quite looking forward to this diet.

I have got it from http://www.penguin.co.uk/nf/Book/BookDisplay/0,,9780670916481,00.html

It's a good read actually.

So wish me luck!



Helen Sparkles said...

Now wouldn't you just know it, I've bought the same book! We shopped for it on Monday & I've managed to get the SO to come out with me for a walk in the evenings, but not doing sooo well on the alcohol front. The book is actually really good, just very encouraging I think, and it is time I tackled my weight. Like you, a size 12 would be just fine, but I am nearer a 16 these days. There is a website at www.pig2twig.co.uk with a blog, just took a quick look at it but could be helpful, & we should keep each other informed?!

rich said...

hmm.... dunno about "diets" generally, but your cooking sounds amazing!! I'll say good luck with the walking though, as you seem to live somewhere that actually has "walks" if you know what I mean.

In London, I have 'routes' which isn't the same really.

actually, maybe its just me..!

You're an inspirational woman Mary - I should comment more but I always enjoy the read