Sunday, January 21, 2007

Still ...

dieting although I haven't managed it alcohol free although I've cut down considerably. Water is now one of my best friends!

The food is delicious, I don't get hungry during the day, I feel energetic, I'm starting to wake up in the mornings without difficulty and I'm sure my trousers are a bit looser. It doesn't feel like a diet more a different way of eating, like going to live in another country and eating the food there.

I still walk everyday, but something tells me it's going to snow soon and that might put a halt to that. I do have some exercise steps which I can drag out if that happens but their boring and not much fun.

In spite of some bad weather recently the early mornings have been beautiful so I am posting two more pictures of my walks.

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Helen Sparkles said...

I agree, and I have read some really good stuff on low carb diets from some reasonable sources, I am even looking forward to going to Spain in Feb. We're visiting friends who live there & I can't wait for all those tortilla & chorizo! Wine a bit of an issue for me still, but I think it really is slowing me down this week, so shall rethink on weighing in day Wed. I also had a (very) small bar of Green & Black's today, butterscotch; very nice. It was a present that it would have been churlish to refuse but I also don't have a sweet tooth, so am guessing it is PMT.