Thursday, February 08, 2007


Isn't it lovely! You'd never think it was in the middle of an inner city!



Anonymous said...

Hi Mary

You must have been busy recently - have hardly noticed you on the PM Blog. Not that you have missed an awful lot with the way that it has been playing up.

Some good chat though on Jonnie's site as a substitute meeting place.

Haven't seen a flake of snow here on the North Coast of N.Ireland, but it looks pretty cool in Birmingham.

Must go and check the other threads now - Eddie has been prety prolific this past few days!

RJD - (much easier to type that RobbieJohnDo)

jonnie said...

Beautiful Mary... Very crisp and cold! Been sunny down here in Bournemouth all day but could have done with some snow!

Jonnie x

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,

An outstanding photo,certainly prettier than the industrial Aston, that I had to endure for four days on a training course, recently.

Brian (B'n'B)

Anonymous said...

Looks like fairyland - a lovely photo, thanks :o)

Now can I remember all the passwords etc required to post, or will I end up setting up yet another account.....

Anonymous said...

Ah - I see, if you call yourself a nonny mouse, you don't have to remember the complicated stuff. Great. You do, however, have to explain who you are. Ummm, guess?

The Dumb Brunette :o)

whisht said...

yep that really is a crisp scene!

haven't seen yu around much Mary and missed your blogging.

More walks with pics needed!!