Thursday, May 24, 2007

The four seasons

No pictures today. It's a while since I blogged as I've been preoccupied with work.

So what's new?

I bought a PS3 but I haven't got any games for it - silly!

I finished my diet and lost the little bit of weight I wanted. So today I visited M & S for trousers that don't fall down without a belt (which I don't own). I do love shopping.

And I have not been walking much as I've been a little under the weather.

I hadn't intended for this blog to be about the changing weather or scenery (really wisht), but it does look as if that's what it's turning into.

On a sadder subject my husband may be losing his studio due to Arts Council cuts. He's upset and I'm worried I'm going to have to live with the smell of oil paints again!

I blame the Olympics!



Aunt Dahlia said...

MadMary - where have you been? - we've been missing you on the frog.
Although, having read your post I suspect you're just plain exhausted...
Nice toi hear from you
best wishes and hugs

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you are still about Mary. I wish you would come back to the blog and talk some sense to us. We would even put up with a bit of nonsense - it might give me a break!


rich said...

ah - honestly it sprang to mind as a great blog-type thingy - just one entry for each season. 4 postings a year.

but i'm glad your's is more about what you've been up to.

You sound busy - and neglectful of the 'frog'. Me too. But I'm lucky - I now get to walk in to work (an hour) and its challenging and stretching and I feel like I'm making small differences. And as its for the NHS small differences are good differencs (hopefully).

excercise and fulfillment are great - have you been able to get any walks in? How's work?

Sorry to hear about the studio situation. He doesn't put size on his own canvasses does he?? that'd be the tipping point for me!!

take care

rich (whisht)

rich said...

and keep taking photos - they're really lovely!

ed iglehart said...

One for you, iMary? From the iPM blogs


madmary said...

Thanks for the comments folks. I'd nearly forgotten about this blog!