Monday, December 04, 2006

Back to work properly

For the past two weeks I've been working partly from home as my dad died a couple of weeks ago very suddenly and in a way most of us would probably want provided we had had a good life as he had. He had been out for the day with his wife, then went for a nice meal with friends in the evening. He came home and collapsed. A weak muscle in the heart finally gave up.

My sadness has been strange. An odd depression and a feeling of my own mortality. Anyway, my first full day at court with a variety of not particularly interesting cases and a couple of truly unpleasant clients. One in particular I was hoping would sack me but he didn't sadly, as I'm far to firm and reasonable!

I drove home listening to the marvelous Eddie Mair on PM (my absoulte media hero). He was talking to Margaret Beckett and she was just a tad frosty with him. He handled her so beautifully that she sort of melted.

Now I'm home and I'm getting just a little excited about my birthday tomorrow. I don't know why. But there it is. I love birthdays!

Maybe more tomorrow when I shall say happy birthday to myself just in case no-one else does!



rich said...

Hi madmary,

followed a link from your post on the PM blog.

I really would rather say much more but (like you) am too tired no doubt to make much sense at midnight.

However, I too lost my father and remember feeling the emptiness, loss and what-am-i-supposed-to-feel feeling that I had for the first while. I'm truly sorry and send you my sympathies. I'm sure you have loving friends around you - I hope you're able to share some of your feelings with them. It isn't a burden for them but rather a way that they can help and feel useful at a time when they probably feel awkward. It will also help yo I'm sure.

Truly you have my sympathies.

You also have my best wishes for your birthday last week! I hope you're enjoying your Wii!!


madmary said...

Thanks for that whist. I had another scare this weekend over someone very dear to me, and although I believe everything is OK and it was me worrying about nothing, I realised how fragile I really was over my dad and so on.

I'm really enjoying my Wii! What time I get to play it. Thanks for asking.

And thank you again for your comment.

Mary *must remember to blog at the weekend*