Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I didn't go for a meal on Sunday as I was just too tired! Instead I had a nice ready cooked meal in the evening.

Monday was spent at court and there was one particular client who tried to sack me; he does that every time we meet, it's very irritating. The court persuaded him to stay as I was an "experienced advocate who knows what she's doing"! Oh that the second part was true! Anyway he stayed with me, but next time I will sack him. I hate being messed about with. I will still do my best for his case, but my patience is wearing thin.

The Christmas traffic is building up horribly and it's really frustrating to find that a journey that should take 20 minutes is now taking at least twice as long, if not three times.

I have now done my Christmas shopping (presents). That sounds quite efficient but I don't have many to buy. I bought myself some new clothes to take away the pain! I rather like shopping though.

Not much to speak about at the moment, well not things I would want to say on a public site.

As for the world at large I find the murders in Suffolk really upsetting, and wonder what makes the murderer tick? If I met him in the street would I suspect him? I rather think not. I have enough experience of criminals to know that you can't tell the book by the cover. That's scarey.


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