Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Traffic and the past

is getting worse! It took me 11 minutes to leave the car park in town this evening and then a further 14 minutes to get about 1/2 a mile. It was a similar story this morning.

My job requires me to be mobile at a moment's notice, so I can't risk public transport. I wish I could. I wish I could walk to work, stay there for the day and walk home. I'd be really happy even in the cold weather. I can't stand driving.

I'm going to be really annoyed if I have to pay per mile to drive. Firstly I don't want to be tracked by the government and secondly I don't have a great deal of choice about driving.

Ah well ...



Anonymous said...

Hello Mary

I've no idea why I wasn't able to pick up my RobbieJohnDo identity earlier but I'll maybe work it out tomorrow.

I must say that I'm getting a bit p'ed off with the PM blog and the response time and possibility of messages getting through. I know that it is not meant to be a "chatroom" but the delay of postings and the loss of postings is really annoying.

Anyway it is late and I am now intrigued by a prospect offered by LadyPen from the Blog that I can't imagine the outcome of - see the blog on "This Weeks Beach" for details.

Enjoy your Annual


Anonymous said...

Hallo! I am so glad your settings have changed, I too would resent paying per mile; cue rant about rural bus services! But I am city born & bred so think that the rich will just pay up, the middlings like us will be vexed, & the world will become a smaller place for others. Plus, rich people have show off big cars (gross generalisation) and pollute the environment with their huge engines - not very joined up government if they just end up driving them more because they can afford to. Congestion won't ease until we have a decent integrated transport system.

If you would like to avoid spam, go to where-ever you post from, click on the settings tab, then click on the comments headings which is underlined like a web link. When you scroll down you should see a place where you can choose to "show word verification for comments". If you click yes, people will get one of those funny words to copy into a box, and mass spammers are thwarted. Afraid I can't guarantee the accuracy of this advice!

Anonymous said...

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