Monday, December 25, 2006

Presents for Froggers

Ho! Ho! Ho!

You've all been good boys and girls, well most of you anyway. So here are some gifts that Santa has put under the tree.

If there isn't a gift with your label on blame my elf who had a slight problem with the technology and lost the original checklist. For those whose names do not appear, there are special gifts, in stockings. You'll know what those are.

Everyone gets a stocking with a satsuma, 12 shiney pennies (old money or chocolate whichever you prefer), a selection box, a small toy of your choice, and a christmas cracker).

admin annie - weekend at a luxurious Health Spa in the company of Sean Bean
andycrlucan - "Golden" acrylic paints and sable brushes and Roberson's canvasses (only the best!) and a night out with admin annie so that you can dance like Fred and Ginger.
Aperitif - a date with Johnny Depp - who knows where that will lead!
Annasee - magic harp - it plays all the music whilst you read a nice book, knit, or browse the internet.
Anne P - lifetime's supply of cashmere and other lovely yarns
Aunt Dahlia - a weekend at jonnies hotel
Belinda - a magic bottle of Glenfiddich, when you're down to the last drop it refills itself
Big Sister - Cashmere jumpers for everday of the week, and a case of booze, including Sancerre, Rum, Drambuie and Top Notch Cabernet Sauvignon
Charles Hatton - magic Speedos (don't ask me what the magic bit is for you'll have to try them)
chLuke - magic golf clubs, you win every game!
Chris, London - your golf ball (found it on the beach)
Doctor Hackenbush - A Clash Concert reunited as far as is possible solely for his entertainment - and all the albums
Ed I - Controlling shares in Guiness
FFred - lifelong season ticket for London Irish & Harlequins
Fifi - A vineyard and winery to make her a lifetime's supply of Shiraz
Frances O - glorious rug made by LadySnorkPen AND some long butter soft gloves
gossipmistress - a date with James Bond or George Clooney, or George Clooney playing James Bond.
HelenSparkles - shell earings made with fine silver wire by LadySnorkPenMaiden
Jason Good - lifetimes supply of rose and lemon Turkish Delight, a Mutley Key Ring and a Thesaurus, and a Wii - you get four pressies because they were quite modest requests and a Wii is an excellent choice. If you really get one we can share Mii's and play games online!
LadySnorkPenMaiden -
Mark Intime - a complete set of all Airfix kits relating to military equipment. (Can't do much damage with that, but probably worth a bomb now)
Molly - tickets to panto of choice with favourite celebrities of choice
Mrs Naughtie - your stockings returned by Leslie Williams (new suspender belt to accompany)
Mrs Trellis - a new twinset with pearls
Perky - new mobile phone and camera
RobbieJohnDo - a magic bottle with endless tipple of your choice, and the highest quality, smallest digital radio in the world.
Sara - magic cigarettes, no health risk, no nasty smells, with diamond studded holder for sheer elegance
Simon Worrall - his own restaurant with the best chefs in the business to either cook or assist him in cooking as he wishes
Stainless Steel Cat - a beautifully carved piece of wood by Steve, so that you can touch it for luck and your mother's health
Stewart M - Electronic OS maps that work on my PDA
Val P - frying pan that makes smiley faces on the food, and a crate of Fernando de Castilla PX sherry that'll make your face smile.
whisht - a weekend in a luxury hotel with spa and massage facilities.
Mr Knibbs - a basket on the beach, turkey flavoured pet treats, a festive litter box, and a toy mouse with silver bells on
Lissa - a complete aromatherapy set for the bathroom, candles, oils, fluffy towels, fluffy dressing gown, and a bottle of bubbly or several bottles

All pressies wrapped by Tumbleflump Berry-Cracker
Delivered by Santa Claus

Merry Christmas everyone.

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