Saturday, December 02, 2006

Later the same day ...

I've had a nice day.

Having resurrected this blog I went and started Christmas shopping, pudding, cake, biscuits and chocolates.

Next week I'll start on the wine collection, cards and a few other bits and pieces.

I don't really start Christmas until my birthday has passed which is on Tuesday. So my tree will go up next Saturday. Then I'll really get into the swing of things.

I bought a game for my Xbox 360 Viva Pinata. I wasn't really sure about it but it's wonderful. You get a patch of land which you cultivate, grow things in, make ponds and then attract strange wildlife which look like South American toys. It's charming and addictive. Best game since Game of the Year Oblivion!

I couldn't be bothered to cook tonight so I've got a curry from Waitrose (my favourite shop) and a bottle of white wine.

Now to settle down to watch my other favourite addiction - the XFactor. If only I were younger I would enter this competition! I know it's sort of tacky but I love it!

More some other time ... maybe?



Fearless Fred said...

Hey Mary!

Seems like you managed the conversion to non-subscribed well enough:-) Just thought I'd say Hi before I go back to one of my favourite addicitions, C.S.I.


madmary said...

Wow! It worked! Thanks for visiting FFred. CSI is one of my favourites too.


Dr Hackenbush said...

Hello hello

madmary said...

Hello! Dr H!


Anonymous said...

Hi madmary,

What a smart Blog. Waitrose -- love it, it all sounds very cosy - you- a bottle of white and the X-box :-)

Jonnie x

Anonymous said...


I went to all the trouble of registering and now it won't let me contribute because it says the password is wrong. Oh Well!

Getting back to the PM Blog and secret Santa etc. I think that I may well suggest we adopt a different version of the concept on the PM blog. Anybody willing to participate gives in their name. Somebody (perhaps youself) then nominates who has to buy an imaginary present for whom ?). The present-buyer has to pick a present and explain why they think it is suitable for the recipient. What do you think?


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