Thursday, December 14, 2006

Getting close ...

... to Christmas.

Normally I love the build up to Christmas. I'm not religious, but treasure the day itself as a moment's respite in a frantic world.

I live in a City and there is always a constant hum of traffic. My favourite time is about 7am on Christmas morning standing in my kitchen contemplating stuffing the turkey, drinking coffee and listening to absolutely no sounds at all. Bliss.

It's our office Christmas meal tomorrow evening which I am looking forward to. We're doing a Secret Santa for the first time organised by our Office Junior (horrible title but we all know she's an important person). I wonder what I will get. I love presents.

I must remember not to drink too much as I have a cleaning plan set up for Saturday and a shopping plan for Sunday.

I've been taken up with thinking a lot about the Ipswich murders and about how chilling it was that the murderer murdered one of the women interviewed on the TV after the first killings were discovered. I just feel that she was targetted because she was on the TV. Does this mean the murders are calculated to gain notoriety? The bodies were not hidden although they were dumped in the countryside.

My heart goes out to those women and their families and I trust that the police have the proper resources to apprehend the murderer before any more deaths occur. My heart goes out to the police too who I know will be feeling very strained by the huge responsibility placed upon them.


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