Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's what you need ...

... just before Christmas.

Firstly, about a week ago I realised that my landline wasn't working. No dialing tone. BT were contacted and they wanted to come and visit at a moment's notice whilst I was at work.

They didn't call back on Saturday, so I've had to get in touch again. I'm now waiting in for an engineer to call.

I did a bit of clearing up on Saturday and discovered some terrible damp in my flat, so I've had to contact the Landlords as I think it's the dampproof course! I hope this isn't why the phone isn't working. No idea why it should be but -

As if that wasn't enough, I spilt wine on my computer last night, and have had to buy a new one today. Too much expense at Christmas time. I have now spent far too much time trying to resurrect all my favourite internet sites and set up this new laptop. I'm nearly done!

I'm also hungry.


On a different note I hear they've arrested not one but two people in connection with the Suffolk murders. I'm truly pleased that I don't have to be the lawyer that sits in on those interviews. How harrowing.


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