Saturday, December 02, 2006

First in ages

I have been reading the PM Blog for a while and struck by Basil Brown's posting about smoking I thought I'd start one of my own, a blog that is not a posting about smoking. Maybe more on that later. Anyway, I've discovered that I already started a blog way back in February of this year. I barely remember doing it, and can't remember why.

It's got a stupid title though. I shall have to change it. But I do like video games and strangely that enjoyment is what drew me to the PM Blog in the first place. That's a long story too.

So - it's a Saturday. It's very quiet at the moment. I'm deliberating on what to do with my free time. I'd better not spend too much time or I shall have wasted the free bit.

More later perhaps


Anonymous said...

Hiya Mary

I did this very same thing earlier in the year, on a whim, following a suggestion by a journo friend. Took fright though and have since lost my username etc....but I think that's what caused me to pounce on Eddie's Blog when he started talking about doing it in his Newsletter in the summertime! Nice to see you here.
Val p

madmary said...

Wow! Val P. Thank you for leaving a comment!


Anonymous said...

I'm here too, Mary

Not much to say (for a change)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary

I didn't know that you had a blog! I hope that this doesn't mean that you're going to abandon us on the beach.

How do you get your own blog? Does it cost?

madmary said...

Oh! I didn't know I had a blog either. Hi ed I and RJD!

No RobbieJD I'm not abandoning the PM Blog. I thought it might be nice to have a little place of my own.

It doesn't cost anything. There should be a link on my blog to create your own.